Golden memberships in Neobux contain the ability to do something almost no one in the world does, create a passive income stream. In our Golden member strategy, I have so much to to tell you about maximizing the profitability of your Neobux Account

First, Congratulations! I’m sure you’re extremely excited to be a Golden Member! Being a Golden Member opens you up to a multitude of new features that are not available to Standard Members. It’s my goal with this strategy to help you take advantage of these new features in the most profitable way possible. Sounds good, right? These are our experiences and not necessarily how it will work for you.

What you will learn in this strategy

How to avoid losing all the clicks from your Rented Referrals (Yes, it’s happened to me, and it sucks)
How to Rent the Optimal Number of Referrals for Maximum Profitability
How to take the next step in becoming an Ultimate member….as quickly as possible!
How to receive all your Rented Referral’s clicks by adhering to TOS 3.7

You know what sucks, when you don’t receive your referrals’ clicks for some seemingly random reason. And it can happen, and it is easy for it to happen if you do not know what you’re doing. It’s all about TOS 3.7 which, in layman’s terms, says, “You must view an advertisement today (according to server time), if you want to earn tomorrow.”

Let’s break this down… Part 1… You must view an advertisement today according to server time.
Server time is set to Eastern Time Zone, GMT -5:00. So to receive your referral’s clicks tomorrow (And by tomorrow I mean…tomorrow in the Eastern timezone), you must view one advertisement between 12:00 AM EST and 11:59 PM EST.
If you click on your username at the top of the page, you will be brought to a page with the following graph.

This graph is the most important TOS 3.7 graph in Neobux. Make it your goal to keep at least one click based upon Server Time. The red line should never be at 0. If you have any times where the red line is at 0, you will not receive clicks the next day. You can experiment with this. You can find out what server time is by going to the View Advertisements page.

Here are the Dirty Details (Optional Read): If you are in any different timezone than Eastern, you will notice a difference between Local Time clicks and Server Time clicks. For instance, if you’re in the Central Time Zone (GMT -6:00), and you click at 11:30 PM CST. it will show one click based upon Local Time for Yesterday and one click for today based upon Server Time. If that is the first advertisement you viewed for the day you will not receive clicks from your referrals tomorrow because you missed clicking based upon Server Time. Clear as mud right?
This can become quite confusing if you’re on the other side of the planet from Server Time. As I’m writing this, I am stationed in Indonesia which is a 13 hours ahead of Server Time. My referral clicks are aggregated based upon local time. It’s 12:33 PM local. So it shows my projected average based upon local time, but I still need to click based upon server time which resets in 27 minutes.

Recap clicking based upon server time
Make sure you click at least one advertisement per day based upon server time. Find the actual Server time on the View Advertisement Page. Use the following chart (can be found by clicking on your username on the top of the page) to help you determine whether or not you’ve clicked based upon Server Time.

Renting the Optimal Number of Referrals for the Golden Membership.
Most people don’t rent referrals with any type of strategy what-so-ever. That’s why you’re here, to get a strategy. You are different, a studious pupil who thinks before acting. There are two common mistakes new Golden Members make:
Renting Too Many Referrals
Renting a Stupid amount of Referrals
Both of these problems are related, but I’ll cover them separately.
Problem #1: Renting Too Many Referrals
Rented Referrals become more expensive as you rent more of them. This means at a certain point renting more referrals becomes unprofitable. In fact, it erases the profits that you had gained. At a certain point it makes more sense to MAINTAIN than it does to rent more. Check out the following graph. It demonstrates daily rented referral profitability based upon the number of referrals in your account.

As you can see, there is a steady rise in profitability as you rent from 0-750 referrals. Then, it becomes more of a toss-up. Renting more referrals drastically drops your profitability. It’s amazing, actually. A Golden Member with 2000 rented referrals is just as profitable as a Golden member with 250 referrals. At a certain point it doesn’t make sense to rent more referrals. For maximum profitability rent either 750 or 1000 referrals.
Problem #2: Renting a Stupid Amount of Referrals
As a Golden member I only recommend having the following rented referral counts: 500, 750, 1000 or 1250. If your referral amount doesn’t equal on of those amounts, you’ve rented a stupid amount of referrals. And by stupid amount, I mean you aren’t maximizing your profits, and that is by definition, stupid. Why is that so? As you rent more referrals, the cost to renew EVERY referral goes up, not jus the new ones. Let’s take the daily profitability of a Golden Membership with 750 referrals vs. 751 referrals.

Referral Count  | Referral Clicks  | Average   | Daily Profit
      750                   488                  0.651         $0.79
      751                   490                  0.652         $0.61
As you can see from this chart, more referrals DOES NOT always mean more profit. By renting one extra referral you decrease your profits. What if you rented 850 referrals?

Referral Count  | Referral Clicks  | Average  | Daily Profit
      850                   553                  0.651         $0.71
Even with 850 referrals generating the same average, we’re at a lower profit. That’s because as you rent more referrals, the cost of the referrals become more expensive. Here’s a breakdown.

Essentially, the more referrals you have, the more expensive it becomes to renew each and every one of them. So going from 750 to 751 referrals puts you into a new bracket and your monthly cost for each referral goes from $0.22 to $0.23. With 750 referrals that is a monthly increase in expenses of $7.50. The strategy as a golden member is to rent either 750, 1,000 or 1,250 referrals.
Upgrading from Golden Membership to Golden+ Membership
This is the challenging part of the strategy. It either takes a great amount of patience or some act of God. Just Kidding, but this will be a process and it could take up to a year to move from Golden to Golden+. Depending on the profitability of your account, I see this taking anywhere from a year to two years to accumulate enough money to purchase your Golden+ Membership.
Golden+ Memberships are your gateway to an Ultimate Membership. It contains additional features above and beyond that of a Golden Membership which are summarized below. I also go in depth on the

With all the options, it can be confusing to determine which membership to choose. What options listed above are important? They all have stars, are they all the same? The short answer is…not all memberships are created equal. Four options exist above Golden (excluding Ultimate) and not all of them are good. In fact, 2 of them really stink, 1 is okay and one works perfectly. The membership I recommend other than Golden or Ultimate, is the Sapphire membership. I like the Sapphire membership because it adds all the beneficial upgrades to the profitability of your rented referrals. These profit increasing improvements include Vacation Mode, the rental queue, increased number of rented referrals and the most important one of all: discount on renewals. Emerald on the other hand offers almost no benefit to your rented referral’s profitability and I think it’s a COMPLETE waste of $290.
Things to Consider when Upgrading to the Sapphire Membership
I’d love to say, “If you’ve got $290 in your Account, it’s time to pounce on your opportunity and upgrade to a Sapphire membership.” But that’s not necessarily the case. It’s also important to plan when you purchase your membership to receive maximum discounts. It’s important to buy your membership when you’ll receive a renewal discount each and every year.
It’s also important to consider when your golden membership is coming due. Now this tip is not confirmed anywhere on the Forums or FAQ, but only from my personal experience in Neobux. From my experience, when I upgraded from a Golden Member to an Ultimate membership, my Golden membership also got extended to equal my Ultimate membership expiration date. When you own a Golden+ Membership, you have to renew that membership, PLUS the golden membership. Basically, by upgrading, my Golden Membership extended a partial year for Free.
So my Golden membership expiration date should fall on 07/09 each year, but it does not.

However, my golden membership falls on 07/16. Basically my Golden Membership got extended for 5 days for free. If you’re close to your Golden Renewal time, it may make sense to upgrade to receive the free extension. Disclaimer: like I said earlier, this is only my experience and not guaranteed in any of the Neobux FAQ or Forums. So use this advice at your own risk, but I think it is sound. I would not purchase a Sapphire membership near or around your Golden Membership’s expiration IF you cannot also afford to renew your Golden Membership.
I’d also like to see you have 1,250 rented referrals as a Golden Member and all of them being extended for 240 days.

​Next Step: Golden+ Member Strategy