The correct Neobux Strategy can be the difference between a profitable account and a Neobux account that loses money. While the difference between strategies can vary greatly, I’ve outlined 4 proven strategies to take your Neobux account to the next level, these are the best Neobux strategies for 2016. These are our experiences and not necessarily how it will work for you.

​The Neobux Strategy you choose depends upon your risk tolerance, patience level, and where your account actually stands (Standard, Golden, Golden+ or Ultimate). I suggest picking the strategy based upon where your Neobux account currently is. IE: If you’re a Standard member, start with the standard member strategy and go from there. If you’re an Golden member, check out our Golden Member Strategy. Of course, you can always read head to any Neobux Strategy you desire.

4 Neobux strategies

Standard Member Strategy ($0 Investment)
Golden Member Strategy (Optional $100-$125 Investment)
Golden+ Member Strategy (Optional $500 – $1,000 Investment)
Ultimate Member Strategy (Optional $3,000 – $5,000 Investment)

All investment is optional because I teach you how to run a profitable account. If you want to jump start your account with an investment you can completely skip over the Standard Membership strategy. For instance, if you invest $100, there is no need to look at the Standard Membership strategy. In other words, a small investment of $100 jumpstarts you directly to strategy #2. If you want to skip strategy #1 and #2, simply invest a larger amount of money.

Strategy Goal: Become a Golden Member as Quickly as Possible

What you’ll learn in this Neobux Strategy: The most Common Mistakes of a Standard Member. 3 Options to get a Golden Membership with Neobux. The Perfect Time to Purchase Your Golden Membership. Learn how to dominate as a standard member. Learn about AND Avoid the pitfalls that nearly every standard member falls into. We’ll teach you how to become a Golden member, and how to do it FAST. Why waste any time being a Standard member when you could be a Golden Member.

Neobux Strategy Goal: Upgrade into the best Golden Member+ Membership 

What You’ll Learn in this Neobux Strategy: The exact number of referrals to rent for maximum profitability, How to avoid the costly penalty of messing up TOS 3.7, How to get a Free Golden Membership Renewal, The most profitable renewal periods
How to Choose the correct Golden Pack for you
Being a gold member is a status symbol. It gives you instant credibility on the forums along with incredible benefits like being able to profitably rent referrals which generates income when you sleep. We’ll walk you through optimizing the profitability of your Golden Membership as well as outline the next steps to becoming a Sapphire Member. While the road can and will be challenging, it is also do-able when you follow the right strategy.

Neobux Golden+ Member Strategy

Neobux Strategy Goal: Go from a Golden+ member to an Ultimate Member

What You’ll Learn in this Neobux Strategy: How to Save $100 when you rent your referrals, The Optimal Number of Referrals as a Golden+ member for maximum profitability, How long it could take to go from a Golden+ member to an Ultimate member
Being a Golden+ Member is not common, but it’s the best stepping stone to becoming an Ultimate Member.

Neobux Ultimate Membership Strategy

Neobux Strategy Goal: Navigating the first year as an Ultimate Member

What You’ll Learn in this Neobux Strategy: How to save $500 when you rent your referrals, How to properly space out your rented referrals, How to fully automate your earnings from rented referrals, Why 4,000 referrals is the wrong amount of referrals to have and 3,999 is better, Ever wanted completely passive income? Our Ultimate Member Strategy will help you FULLY automate your Neobux Earnings. We’ll also teach you how to make your account super profitable and saving you over $500 on the renewal of referrals.

We’ll walk you through each year of your Ultimate membership and developing a method for implementing and testing a recycling plan.